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Oh Hey, How are You?


Once again it has been a while.

Mostly I’m here right now to plug this:









It’s a tiny little thing I’m starting. You should check it out and submit something.

I’ve also been writing for National Poetry Month here:




Results of Our Poll about Literary Magazines, Part 1

Literary Magazine Poll Results

Poll Results

About ten days ago, I put this poll up on the blog here. While not a great number of responses, I am pleased with the number of people who took the minute or so to offer their opinions on the state of contemporary literary magazines.

One of the things I wrote in that original post was

We know that there are more literary magazines than there are readers, but not as many as there are writers,

and this is a problem. Another problem writers come across is that there is little payment available out there for accepted works. That is a discussion outside of this one.

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