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I am Moving

Hello Readers,

I am moving my blog presence to

You can find all of the content from this blog, as well as Poetry Thesis Musings at the new site.

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If you happen to like either of those poem recordings, feel free to share them. Β Thanks πŸ™‚

The Bottoms at the West End of Kentucky

Here it is, “The Bottoms at the West End of Kentucky,” first published in the very good print / online journal Pea River Journal, and nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology. I am very proud of this one. Feel free to leave a comment. **Almost forgot to mention: you can read along over at Pea River:Β**

** Edited

Best of the Net 2014: our nominations

So, my poem “The Bottoms of the West End of Kentucky” is nominated for annual Best of the Net. And that’s exciting! And a big Thank You to Pea River Journal!

pea river journal

We publish a small slice of each issue online, and that small slice tends to come from our favorite-of-favorites list. Of that small slice published between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014, we nominated seven pieces for Best of the Net:
Greg Brown, β€œUnnatural Disastersβ€œ
Lauren Camp, β€œVisit to Iraqβ€œ
Matthew Kabik, β€œIn the Orchard, In the Fieldβ€œ
Al Maginnes, β€œHow Things Break in This Worldβ€œ
Corey Mesler, β€œA Small Simic Afternoonβ€œ
Jose Padua, β€œGin and the Riverβ€œ
Eric M. R. Webb, β€œThe Bottoms of the West End of Kentuckyβ€œ

If you haven’t read them yet, please do. Seek these writers out wherever you can find them.
(Thank you, Sundress.)
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