Finally a President who can read poetry.


So, this is very interesting. Vanity Fair’s excerpt of an upcoming Obama book has some letters Obama wrote to one of his girlfriends in college. ABC’s excerpted a few of the letters and provided some academic sources who chime in on the merits of Obama’s analysis.

Here’s what Obama wrote to his girlfriend:

I haven’t read “The Waste Land” for a year, and I never did bother to check all the footnotes. But I will hazard these statements — Eliot contains the same ecstatic vision which runs from Münzer to Yeats. However, he retains a grounding in the social reality/order of his time. Facing what he perceives as a choice between ecstatic chaos and lifeless mechanistic order, he accedes to maintaining a separation of asexual purity and brutal sexual reality. And he wears a stoical face before this. Read his essay on Tradition and the Individual Talent, as well as…

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