Monthly Archives: December 2010

Why Write?

In one way or another, this question has been coming up more and more lately.  With more of my friends learning I’ve just finished my first semester in an MFA program, I hear/see that question a lot.  Among my new friends at the program, the same question: Why are we putting ourselves through this?

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Breaking Through

So far, one good poem for the semester.  A blank-page re-write of a blank-page re-write of an ekphrastic poem.  Wanted it to have more than one thing going on, and it’s appropriately complex, with many layers.  But there’s a problem.

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The Effects of Digital Technologies on the Composition of Poetry

Okay, I know, I know.  But the title has already been established by nearly a semester of thought & etc.

At any rate, this post will hold links to the current status of this research, and I hope to maintain this for quite a while, in addition to continuing the study… upon receiving approval from ODU’s IRB, of course (and by IRB I mean Institutional Research Board, not IRB).

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What do the WikiLeaks Hunt, TSA Screenings, and DNS Seizures have in Common?

It is a small question, really.

These issues have each been in the headlines recently, especially online.  The problem is that they have not been linked by common characteristics.  For example, the stories often run in entirely separate sections of news sites, newspapers, or even entirely different websites altogether.  What do I see as common characteristics?

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Entering a New Space

So this is blog variation number gazillion.  I made a home at for a while, but then they went pay for play, and I am pretty sure I lost all my content.  Like having a door shut firmly in your face by a new, exciting, but taciturn friend.  At any rate, I’ve also been maintaining (kind of) a space at Blogger.  Recently the academic blog there has been getting more attention than the creative side of things, but opening a new door has a way of changing the status quo.

The goal here will be to write a new post each week.  Commentary, literature, academics, social-goodness, and writing are the topics, but don’t hold your breath for any BRAND NEW POEMS.  If I publish any poems, they will be added after an appropriate amount of time, maybe…  We’ll see what the consensus is.

At any rate, welcome to the new home, cheers!