The brilliant morning sun just over the trees
The evergreens, and the deciduous:
     Pine, fir, juniper and redwood,
     Oak, poplar, and magnolia,
The morning sun rising over the trees and rows of homes behind mine (it faces the north
and west)
The townhomes and stand-alones, well-cared and run-down, manicured and ignored.
The brilliant sun rising over these and the people in the homes:
     The single people, men and women, the married, divorced, widowed;
     Those with young children, they with older children, they with children moved
out and on their own, and those with grown children living with them.
The brilliant morning sun dawns on all of these, and more:
     The sun dawns on the animals living in the woods:
     The birds, mammals, reptiles:
          The blackbird and sparrow and cardinal,
          The squirrel, cat, dog, and bat,
          The lizards escaped from some child, and the frogs.
Over all these the sun rises, bright and warm and life-giving.

The sun is the life-giver of the plants,
The plants the life-givers to the animals,
Those animals life-givers to other animals,
And those are life-givers to man.
The sun gives life to man, and man dies, and feeds the earth.
The sun gives life to the earth,
Spun off excess matter and formed the ten planets, and everything inside the
Kupier Belt.
The sun gave birth to the earth.

In time, the sun will burn up and swallow the planets, and become massive.
In time, the sun will grow massive and collapse.
In time, the sun will collapse and give rise to new suns, and planets.
In death, new life will rise again.

A new earth, new life:
     New plants, and animals, and men;
     New poets and songs and praises;
     New gods.